Ways to Give

Your gift can support the Annual Fund programs and services of the Community Foundation, or create a new fund, strengthen an existing fund, and/or be a planned gift, a future investment in the Foundation that will have impact forever.

Your annual gift of $1,000 or more into any fund, benefits you with an invitation to our annual Philanthropy Magnified Reception. Come meet other active donors, staff and Board members who have similar charitable interests as you. We look to demonstrate to you our appreciation for your philanthropy by having you meet some of the people you've helped.

We are delighted to provide Pooled Income Fund (PIF), a planned gift, to the community. A PIF is a pool of funds that donors may invest in. Each donor receives a variable annual income based on their relative share of the pool. After death, the remainder value creates a charitable gift to the Foundation. A PIF benefits donors as it provides current income and an immediate partial tax deduction. Payments to the donor(s) are made quarterly and are a varying percentage based on the market performance of the pool’s investments. Income is taxable. Minimum gift is $5,000 and a donormay added to PIF later in increments of $1,000 or more.


Give to the Annual Fund

givetoannualfundSupport Community Foundation programs and services. Your annual fund gift is a flexible way to make a philanthropic impact on the community.
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Give to a Fund

givetoafundFunds at the Community Foundation are created by donors for a variety of philanthropic purposes. Your gift to a fund of your choice will help strengthen our community.
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Leave a Planned Gift

leaveaplannedgiftCommunity Foundation offers permanent ways to meet your philanthropic goals. Join the Legacy Society with a planned gift of any size to meet your financial goals.
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quote Marcus Aurelius

The only wealth which you will keep forever is the wealth you have given away.