April 22, 2014    12:00-1:00pm   

Professional Advisor Invitation to April Community Foundation Philanthropy Learning Exchange “Money Personalities; Why Don’t my Clients Do the Rational Thing?”

TC3 Tioga Place, Room 602
118 N Tioga Street
Ithaca Commons
Ithaca, NY 14850

Community Foundation is proud to invite you to 2014 Philanthropy Learning Exchange events. These events are dedicated to donors, donor advisors, and members of our Legacy Society, those who have notified us of their intention to make a planned gift to support local philanthropy in Tompkins County.




 Leslie Strebel, CLTC

The Strebel Planning Group

Money Personalities;

Why Don’t my Clients Do the Rational Thing?

 Clients and Prospects often act in ways that confound their advisors. This interesting and interactive session will point out how our Money Personalities (yours as well as theirs) impact relationships as trusted advisors and can be identified to help clients make better and more objective decisions. Leslie is a Certified Money Coach with the Money Coaching Institute in Petaluma, Ca. as well as Managing Partner of The Strebel Planning Group, and will share her experiences and impressive results!

Light refreshments will be served.

This is a no fee, no obligation event. Representing any grant seeking organization or soliciting for any gifts, grants or businesses is expressly prohibited at this event.


Your clients wonder about how to be generous without harming their goals of security and family giving. They receive many requests for donations, and they do what they can. But they sometimes wonder if there is more information that could help them give more wisely. What local resources are available to assist your clients’ charitable giving which are consistent with their values?


Your Community Foundation can serve as a no fee philanthropic advisor. We will not tell your clients what to do but rather are expert in exploring with them how to do it. We can help them sort through all the various requests they receive and create a plan that uses their individual judgment and beliefs to achieve their personal charitable goals.


We also encourage donors’ professional advisors such as their lawyers, financial planners, wealth advisors, tax accountants, and insurance advisors to attend special midday offerings of these presentations.


The PHILANTHROPY LEARNING EXCHANGE is a series of presentations and conversations to assist you in serving your clients as they create and manage their personal philanthropic plans. You also get the opportunity to learn more about the Community Foundation as well as interact with other professional advisors.

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