May 21, 2014    5:00-7:00PM   

Register NOW! for the 2014 Community Foundation Annual Celebration “Learning to Give/Giving to Learn

CSMA (Community School of Music & Arts)
330 E. Martin Luther King Jr./State Street
Ithaca, NY 14850

Join us for this fantastic annual celebration of philanthropy and the generosity of people in Tompkins County. Bring along a friend or colleague who could benefit from learning more about our commitment to philanthropic education. Be among the first to experience our growing impact. Get your copy of our brand new 2013 annual report.

Here’s to the Next 100 Years:

Shared Knowledge and Civic Engagement in Community Foundations

Joanne Florino, Senior Vice President for Public Policy

Philanthropy Roundtable

Beginning with the founding of the Cleveland Foundation in 1914, community foundations have played a special role in civil society. They are fundraisers and grantmakers, resource aggregators and trusted stewards, conveners and bridge builders, leaders and responders, learners and educators. Today more than 1,750 community foundations are at work around the world. Their communities range from Silicon Valley to Brazil, from South Africa to Russia, from India to Australia, and from Hawaii to…well, Ithaca.

What gives community foundations their enduring appeal as local, yet global, agents of philanthropy? One certain answer is the gathering and dissemination of collective knowledge to engage and empower donors, nonprofit partners, and community members. And in our home community, where education is our major industry and lifetime learning is so highly valued, we celebrate the continued commitment of the Community Foundation of Tompkins County to shared knowledge and civic engagement.

Registration is recommended but NOT required.

Light Refreshments will be served.




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