March 28, 2017    noon-1pm   

Let’s Talk: Social Justice Philanthropy

Community Foundation
200 E Buffalo Street, Suite 202
Ithaca, NY 14850

Given where we are, now more than ever, we need to hear your voice.  As part of a community, who often leads on social justice issues, we need your input, as we work to impact critical areas affecting our community.  


Share your thoughts. What do you see as critical issues? What role does philanthropy play?

Learn more about ways that Community Foundation donors have moved forward initiatives that impact the most vulneralbe in our community.

Hear from others who also have a passion for inspiring social change.

We are seeking to hear from donors, as part of our Let’s Talk Philanthropy; Listening Learning 2017 Series.  Please contact Amy LeViere at or 272-9333 ext 206, for details, or if you would like to attend and share your thoughts and perspective on one of these topics. 


Let’s Talk Philanthropy; Listening and Learning 2017 Series

March 28   Social Justice Interests

April 18      Mental Health, Depression, Substance Abuse, and Other Issues

May 16        Cornell Community Perspectives

June  8        Arts & Culture Interest

June 27       Place-based Needs


Seating is limited. This is a small group meeting, engaging active conversation among a community of donors connected to the issues affecting Tompkins County and beyond.

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