January 11th, 2013

Community Foundation Releases Pride of Place, the 2009-2012 Listening Learning Report for Tompkins Rural Communities

Listening to our neighbors and learning from them is a vital part of the mission of the Community Foundation.  

Beginning in 2009, members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and staff conducted eight conversations with residents from each of the rural towns of the County to ask for insights about the issues that were of greatest importance. Rural populations are uniquely at risk, though particularly resilient, in terms of health care, environmental issues, and economic opportunities.

From the nearly 20 hours of conversations, the Community Foundation has compiled a summary to guide our grant-making work.  This summary is also intended for others to study and learn about the realities of life and pressing needs within the rural towns of Tompkins County.  As important, the lessons learned will help guide political and economic leaders and individual donors toward assisting these townships to find paths to ensure the connections they value, preserve the quality of life they want, and the means to secure their towns’ future.

2009-2012 Listening Learning Report Tompkins Rural Communities Executive Summary

2009-2012 Listening Learning Report Tompkins Rural Communities