March 22nd, 2013

Announcing a New Service for Donors, Donor Advisors and Legacy Society Members and their Professional Advisors

Community Foundation is proud to announce a special new service dedicated to donors, donor advisors, and members of our Legacy Society, those who have notified us of their intention to make a planned gift to support local philanthropy in Tompkins County. 

We also encourage donors’ professional advisors such as their lawyers, financial planners, wealth advisors, tax accountants, and insurance advisors to attend special midday offerings of these presentations.

The PHILANTHROPY LEARNING EXCHANGE is a series of presentations and conversations to assist you in creating and managing your personal philanthropic plan as well as to learn more about the Community Foundation.

Our first three events, offered from 4-6pm, are listed here.  Specifics to follow.  These events are by invitation which will be emailed to donors, donor advisors, and Legacy Society members very soon.  In the meantime, contact us with any questions.  Thank you for all that you do for Tompkins County.

April 25 Community Foundation Investment Strategy by Tim Tindall of Alesco Advisors 

June 13 The State of Tompkins County Youth: 2012 Needs Assessment of Tompkins County Young People from Birth to Age 24 by Amie Hendrix, Tompkins County Youth Services Director

September 19 The Value of Philanthropic Advising by Rachel Sherman, Esq. of Market Street Trust


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