May 30th, 2014

UPDATED INFO for 2014 Philanthropy Learning Exchanges #2-4


PHILANTHROPY LEARNING EXCHANGES are a series of presentations and conversations to assist donors, donor advisors, Legacy Society members and their professional advisors in creating and managing personal philanthropic plans as well as to learn more about the Community Foundation.


You are generous by nature, receive many requests, you do what you can. But you wonder if there is more information that could help you. What local resources are available to assist your charitable giving which are consistent with your values?


Your Community Foundation can serve as a no fee philanthropic advisor. We will not tell you what to do but rather are expert in exploring with you how to do it. We can help you sort through all the various requests you receive and create a plan that uses your individual judgment and beliefs to achieve your personal charitable goals.

2014 Philanthropy Learning Exchange Calendar





#2 Tuesday, July 22

Using Retirement Assets for Gift Planning

12 noon for professional advisors

5pm for donors


#3 Monday, September 15

Investing in Your Community Through Education: What Makes Us Unique

5pm for all


#4 Tuesday, October 21

Financial Counseling 5 years Pre and 5 years Post Retirement

12 noon for professional advisors

5pm for donors

This is a no fee, no obligation event. Representing any grant seeking organization or soliciting for any gifts, grants or businesses is expressly prohibited at this event.

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