July 28th, 2015

*UPDATED* with CommunityForce online application link for 2015 Fall 2 Year Grant Cycle Collective Impact: Building Relationships, Building Our Future

Application Deadline: Wednesday, September 30, 2015 by 5pm. Applications need to be received through CommunityForce, a new online grant application software. Special in-depth question and answer sessions will be announced to orient potential applicants to this unique grant cycle as well as to introduce the new online application software. 

Grant Guidelines

The spirit of this grant cycle is to foster principles embraced by a Collective Impact Approach by:

• Focusing on supporting the 5 conditions for Collective Impact

1. Common Agenda

2. Shared Measurements

3. Mutually Reinforcing Activities

4. Continuous Communication

5. Backbone Organizations

• Fostering ownership of ideas, decision-making, action plans and activities by those whom programs are intended to serve.

• Fostering dynamic cross-sector engagement around issues of local concern (including government, nonprofit, philanthropic and corporate sectors as partners).

• Emphasize a focus on systems, (rather than programs) by increasing coordination – finding ways to re-align existing programs and stakeholders to maximize system efficacy

This grant cycle will also utilize CommunityForce, a new online application format now required to be used by all applicants.

Participation in one of the following special in-depth information sessions is required for all applicants to orient them to this unique grant cycle as well as to introduce the new online application software. Click on a date below to register.

Thursday, August 13 from 1:30-3:00PM

Thursday, August 20 from 4:30-6:00PM

Thursday, September 10 from 10:00-11:30AM

Available Funds: minimum of $100,000 (over two years)

Minimum grant per initiative: $5,000 (total over 2 years)

Maximum grant per initiative: $20,000 (total over 2 years)

Collective Impact Resources

* Building Bridges Collective Impact Links and Resources

*What is Collective Impact?

* Getting Started – Readiness Assessment

* Video of a successful Collective Impact Strategy

*10 Lessons Learned from Engaging the Business Community in Collective Impact

Over the past year, we have been listening to and learning about the Collective Impact model and its potential for transformative social impact. Collective Impact is an approach that communities are using across North America to move the needle on complex problems. Collective Impact is a paradigm shift from what we think of as collaboration between agencies: Collective Impact engages all sectors of the wider community (business, government, non-profits, and those who experience the problem being addressed – called “context experts”) to address a problem in a comprehensive way.

Organizations across our community are now engaging in initiatives, some nascent, some more established, using a Collective Impact approach, addressing a wide range of community issues. This grant cycle is intended to nurture the growth of the Collective Impact approach in our community.