March 1st, 2016

Community Foundation Grants Now Use Docu-Sign for Grant Agreements to Receive Checks

To increase efficiency, your Community Foundation is using a new online system to take the place of hard copy mailed grant agreements.

When your nonprofit organization is awarded a Community Foundation grant, whether by a competitive grant cycle application or as recommended by a donor advisor, a grant notification email will be sent to the Executive Director or other authorized organizational representative on file with the Community Foundation.

Please follow the link in the email to receive the grant award letter/agreement and provide an electronic signature. This will be your only notification of this grant and the enclosed form must be completed to receive your grant check.

Please initial and sign this notification electronically within 30 days of receipt of this email. The grant check shall be issued to you upon our receipt of this completed grant agreement.

If you would like to confirm, update or provide your organizational representative email address, please contact us at


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