March 10th, 2016

Thank You Professional Advisor Partners

Working with you to help your clients develop plans that fit financial needs and charitable interests has provided measurable outcomes, financial sustainability and effective programmatic results for the people in Tompkins County, now and forever. We are pleased to make philanthropy local, easy, and enjoyable.

Since inception in 2000, professional advisors in legal, tax, insurance, and financial and retirement fields have trusted the services, tools, and resources of the Community Foundation to help meet clients’ financial and charitable needs.


Thank you to the following advisors for being valuable partners in giving.

Suzanne Aigen

Fred Ballantyne

Bill Currie

Clover Drinkwater

Ross Feldman

Marcie Finlay

Elena Flash

Mariette Geldenhuys

Chris Gibbons

Howard Hartnett

John Hinchcliff

Anna Holmberg

Robert Jewell

Mary Larkin

Elizabeth Lindsay-Ochoa

Robin Masson

Marshall McCormick

Diane McDonough

Erin McKinley

Kelly Michalek

Jerry Mickelson

Jim Miller

Bill Murphy

Kim Rothman

James Salk

Helen Saunders

Ray Schlather

Leslie Strebel

Paul Strebel

Tim Tindall

Jay True

Sally True

Tom VanDerzee

Jay Williamson

We believe that everyone can be a philanthropist. A financial advisor position is one we respect. We advise our donors to contact their advisor or one of the above professional advisors.

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