May 9th, 2017

2017 1stQTR Impact Dashboard: $250,000 donated in 280 Gifts, $331,068 in Grants from Assets of $14.9 million


At the 2017 Women’s Fund Tea with Holmberg awardees Phoebe Brown and Beverly Baker with Triad Foundation’s Melinda Oakes                                                                  

2017 1st QTR Impact Dashboard

See the dashboard for more about the Women’s Fund Tea, about the Sophie Fund and our community’s mental health needs, and about Let’s Talk Philanthropy donor small discussion groups.


$250,000 donated in 280 gifts

Grants: JANUARY 1-MARCH 31, 2017

Arts & Culture $216,048

Community Building $45,403

Education $37,383

Environment/Sustainability $3,500

Health & Human Services $28,734


Assets: $14.9 million: $10 million endowed, $4.9 million non-endowed