August 15th, 2017

Fall 2017 Grant Application Opportunities from Local Funders

As part of the Tompkins County Funders group we seek to share information and connect prospective applicants with available funding. These local funders have interests in investing in the results of the work of Tompkins County non-profits.

The Human Services Coalition publishes a Local Foundation Directory

Community Foundation’s 2017 Grants Calendar


Grants offered by other local funders for the remainder of 2017 


Park Foundation grant cycles with 2017 deadlines of September 29

Legacy Foundation with deadlines of April 15 and September 15

Tompkins Charitable Gift Fund grant cycles with  deadlines of March 1 and September 1

Tompkins County Tourism Program, with a fall 2017 deadline of September 19th, a rolling deadline for Strategic Tourism Implementation Grants, and a late-year deadline for Arts & Culture Organizational Development Grants.

United Way of Tompkins County

Women Building Community grants with a deadline of TBD

Please check each funder’s website and follow their specific application instructions.

Are you a funder?

If you are a funder and would like your grant application listed here please contact George Ferrari at the Community Foundation at