April 12th, 2018

2018 Fund Advisors: Partners in Local Philanthropy – Expanding Connections and Deepening Impact

image description 2018 Fund Advisors Luncheon, table conversations

Community Foundation offers a wide range of programs connecting community members, philanthropists, civic leaders, businesses and elected officials. We provide opportunities for sharing different perspectives and for enhancing cross-sector engagement.   Through our philanthropic services and education programs, we offer opportunities to listen and learn from each other, as well as from those working in the nonprofit sector. We also offer personalized philanthropic advising and online resources to assist donors in creating and reaching your philanthropic goals. 

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Links, research and annual giving reports available online. Find trend and outlook projections, including:

The Giving Institute: Data on Donor-Advised Funds (3/1/18)

The Philanthropy Outlook 2018 & 2019

Giving USA Annual Report on Philanthropy 2017


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Partners in local philanthropy, offering a full array of programs and services.


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Your feedback and thoughts inform our work, as together we seek to inspire and support enduring philanthropy.


We continue to hold conversations that increase understanding, foster relationships and build trust. Together, we are all part of this dialogue, stretching our collective thinking for this community and beyond.

Lawrence and Rothchild/Hoffman families accross the generations. Family philanthropy - involving children, grandchildren or others. Creating a giving legacy.

Lawrence and Rothchild/Hoffman families across the generations. Family philanthropy – involving children, grandchildren and others to create a giving legacy.


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