February 19th, 2021

Disaster Philanthropy Resources for Responding to Winter Storm Recovery Needs in Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas.

Often, donors ask us how can they provide support during times of crisis or natural disasters such as currently in Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. Donor advised funds are especially interested in sending financial resources. Here is a select list among a large number of possibilities. If you would like some philanthropic guidance for how to further direct your gifts, please email our Chief Philanthropic Officer Amy LeViere at

2021 Winter Storms

Donor Resources for Winter Storms


With the help of Center for Disaster Philanthropy, you can follow these instances and more.

How to directly support to Louisiana

Acadiana Regional Coalition on Homelessness & Housing


How to directly support to Oklahoma

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma


How to directly support to Texas

Communities Foundation of Texas has created an emergency response fund for those in need.

Dallas Foundation How You Can Support Our Neighbors through the Winter Storm

There is a current need for water. Many water systems across the state are experiencing boil water conditions because of the number of water mains that have burst, allowing contaminants to enter the system and making water unsafe for drinking. Any Texas Food Bank would appreciate contributions to help them with water distribution efforts.


After disasters like crippling storms, there is often an increase in fraudulent activity. If you suspect an organization or person may be committing fraud, you can report it to National Center for Disaster Fraud.