July 12th, 2022

Welcome to Community Impact Analyst Shayla Combs, Summer Intern

Shayla is a recent graduate of Cornell University’s School of Industrial Labor Relations. During her time in undergrad, Shayla minored in Inequality Studies and concentrated her studies on the topics of Disability and Education. She was heavily involved with organizations working to advance equity and empower servant leadership such as the Minority ILR Student Organization, Cornell Upward Bound, the national service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega. Shayla is from Middletown, Ohio and will soon be relocating to the Arlington, Virginia to pursue an opportunity to conduct HR research in the area of ESG and Corporate Social Responsibility. Shayla is passionate about equitable access to resources and higher education for marginalized communities and believes that engaged and hands-on experiences help change the world one step at a time.

Shayla is excited to work with the Community Foundation to leave her last mark on Tompkins County. She is eager to give back to the community that has given so much to her during her time in undergrad in a meaningful way. Shayla has worked to analyze the impact of the Community Foundation’s grant making in the Spring 2021 Resilient Communities Grant Cycle. She has been thrilled to discover the wide variety of ways the needs of the Tompkins community are being addressed and the creativity that so many organizations have been capable of during the pandemic. Shayla hopes to be able to take her impact findings, analytical skills, and newfound knowledge about the Community Foundation to make her a more conscious, aware, and purposeful citizen engaging in community-based work in the future.