June 13, 2023    12:00PM - 12:30PM EST   

Let’s Talk: Arts & Culture with Ithaca Murals founder, Caleb Thomas


Have you seen beautiful and inspiring murals all around town? Join us for June’s special “Let’s Talk” featuring ITHACA MURALS organizer Caleb R Thomas!

Local artivist Caleb R Thomas is passionate about the intersection of art and justice. In 2009, Ithaca’s cultural cityscape was dominated by streets, parks, and buildings named for dead white men – Washington, Madison, Monroe, Cleveland, Stewart, Dewitt, Clinton, Cornell… Over the last 13 years, Ithaca has gone from having about 15 murals to now almost 400. And the numbers are snowballing with many exciting projects happening this year.

“Ithaca Murals is a network of people transforming gray walls into beautiful, meaningful works of art that tell the stories of the diverse people who live here. We implement a cultural arts strategy for building our community stronger. We welcome everyone to be involved with Ithaca Murals while prioritizing the leadership of people of color, under-employed and working class people, people with jail experience, women, LGBTQ+ community members, youth, and anyone who is passionate about justice.”

What would you like our cityscape to look like?
This is an artist takeover. If you’re lucky, your house could be next!

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