We Encourage Your Participation in an Important Community Read

How to be an Anti-Racist by Ibram X. Kendi. Mutual Aid Tompkins, the Community Board & Staff, Multi Resource Center, Cornell University and Tompkins County Showing up for Racial Justice and others are participating in the read.

The book read is open to all in the Finger Lakes region and will take place over four sessions from July to September. In this national uprising demanding justice for Black lives, we hope that this book read will:
• Provide a deepening of anti-racist education for community members
• Increase community members' shared understanding and language related to race, systemic racism and white supremacy
• Strengthen our ability to take anti-racist action in our every day lives
• Allow us to address and take action on systemic racism locally at the policy level
• Empower community members to plug into existing anti-racist work happening in our community
• Bring together people who are committed to anti-racism to support each other to take immediate action as well as build sustainable networks for the long haul

If cost is a prohibitive factor, reach out to communityaidtompkins@gmail.com and they will get a copy to you.

Be safe, take care and stay connected!

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