For Professional Advisors

Community Foundation is a one stop shop for you to help your clients develop plans that fit financial needs and multiple charitable interests.

Community Foundation encourages you to meet with your lawyers and other financial advisors to write a will which includes charitable intentions and to make that process as easy as possible.

Thank you to the following advisors for being valuable partners in giving.

Suzanne Aigen
Fred Ballantyne
Alyssa Barreiro
Bill Currie#
Clover Drinkwater
Ross Feldman
Marcie Finlay
Elena Flash
Mariette Geldenhuys
Chris Gibbons
Julie Gorman

Howard Hartnett
John Hinchcliff#
Anna Holmberg
Robert Jewell
Michael Longo
Randy Marcus
Robin Masson
Mike May
Marshall McCormick
Diane McDonough
Erin McKinley
Jerry Mickelson
Jim Miller
Bill Murphy
Beth Prudence
Kim Rothman#
James Salk
Helen Saunders
Ray Schlather
Leslie Strebel
Paul Strebel
Tim Tindall
Jay True
Sally True
Tom VanDerzee
Jay Williamson
Glen Wood


The Door Opener Society , members indicated above with this symbol #, recognizes professional advisors whose contributions to philanthropic estate planning have been significant, substantial and long-standing. Eligible inductees are attorneys, accountants, financial planners, trust officers, brokers, or insurance agents who encourage their clients to consider charitable giving to the Community Foundation.


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