Philanthropic Consulting

Our objective is to create an opportunity for individuals, families, businesses, and organizations to give back to their communities in an active and informed way. We can help you achieve your philanthropic goals through individualized services, educational programming, and events. Here are some of the ways you'll benefit:

As you get started, we can help you…

  • Create a personal mission statement and giving plan.
  • Learn about pressing community needs.
  • Focus grantmaking opportunities that match your interests.
  • Partner with Community Foundation programs and initiatives.
  • Understand the difference between grants for general operating support and targeting specific programs.

After you have been giving awhile, we help you…

  • Determine how much you want to give each year.
  • Arrange site visits to nonprofit organizations.
  • Appreciate the added value of making multi-year grants.
  • Review and analyze the impact of your charitable giving.

As you look ahead, we help you…

  • Understand how your current giving and your estate plan, or your philanthropic business dollars, can work together to help achieve your charitable goals.
  • Use your philanthropic planning to create a giving legacy in the lives of others.
  • Involve your children or others, including staff if you are a business,┬áin charitable activities.
  • Address questions about giving opportunities, current needs, and broader trends within our community.


Contact Chief Philanthropic Services Officer Amy LeViere for more information about the broad variety of services available to assist you in your charitable planning.

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