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People helping people. You can help as an individual, business, foundation and family, even former residents give to keep Tompkins County thriving. Thank you to each donor (see list below)! It is our role to connect donors dreams and passions to solutions that address challenges and needs in our community.

You can find annual donor listings below the photo galleries.

Do come back again as the photos and donor stories change periodically.


2023 Philanthropy Magnified Reception



2021 Philanthropy Magnified Reception and Report


2020 Philanthropy Magnified Reception – not held in 2020


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Please see the links above. We acknowledge our donors with gratitude for their generous charitable gifts, which make our work possible and which achieve powerful community results! Every effort has been made to provide accurate information. Community Foundation sincerely apologizes for any errors or omissions. Please contact our office at nmassicci@cftompkins.org with any revisions or corrections.

Donor Stories

Learn more about our donors and ways the Community Foundation has helped them to achieve their philanthropic goals through planned giving and fund establishment.

Door Opener Society (Professional Advisors Award)

Legacy Society

Our Legacy Society is a membership for individuals who have named Community Foundation in their will or other planned gift. Each donor helps the communities and organizations of Tompkins County forever!

Multi-Year Donors

Thanks to all who support the programs and services of the Community Foundation. Your contributions help us continue to improve Tompkins County!


For every year in which you make an annual gift of $1,000 or more designated for programs and services, you join a special group of donors recognized as members of our HEROES Circle.

Volunteer Story:

I’ve been a member of the Library Grant Cycle Review Team for multiple years. I continue to be energized by the Community Foundation’s approach to community-based decision-making. My experience of working with a team of volunteers who expressed a deep concern for the Tompkins County community and the challenges that local libraries face in serving youth was refreshing. While we had differences of opinion, they were expressed in a respectful manner and everyone was heard. It’s great to be a part of a process that continues to result in wonderful things for the community. The Community Foundation succeeds in creating an inclusive, respectful environment that ultimately results in better decisions and better results for the people served by its grantmaking. It’s a great representation of our community and one of the many reasons I love Tompkins County.”  Review Team Member



  • Legacy Society Notification of Intent Everyday people like you confirm their commitment to the future of Tompkins County by making a gift in their will or other planned gift
  • 2022 Gift Form Use this form to make a pledge gift, a recurring gift or a one time gift.
quote Community Foundation Donor Advisor

We reached out to George and Amy and said anything we give this year we want to be undesignated because the Community Foundation knows better than us.