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Community Foundation of Tompkins County, established in 2000, has a mission to bring people and resources together to build a more equitable Tompkins County by inspiring diverse philanthropy, catalyzing collaborations and championing inclusion and justice. As much as we fundraise for immediate investments into our communities, it is just as important to establish gifts for the future.

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Community Impact in Tompkins County

Community Foundation of Tompkins County awards grants with the expectation of specific results to those groups whom we believe will make the differences we desire to see in our community.

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A community foundation is a public charity that focuses on supporting a geographical area, by facilitating and pooling gifts to address community needs and support local nonprofits through grantmaking. Community foundations are funded by gifts from individuals, families, and businesses.

Because of donors, we can offer numerous types of grantmaking, including donor-advised funds, endowments, field-of-interest funds, designated funds and sometimes giving circles and scholarships. In 1914, a banker established the first community foundation in Cleveland, Ohio. Today, there are about 800 in the USA and over 1,800 worldwide. Each addressing community needs and empowering people to address local challenges and opportunities.


quote Community Foundation Donor Advisor

We wanted to plant seeds not only in our community, but within our own family. The surprise is that the Community Foundation made it so easy.