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The Foundation Center and Independent Sector define social justice philanthropy as: the granting of philanthropic contributions to nonprofits that work for structural change to increase the opportunity of those who are the least well off politically, economically and socially.

Community Foundation Social Justice Fund is a field of interest fund dedicated to understanding and interrupting the traditional patterns of exclusion which prevent equal opportunity for all.

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Check back here often as additional  resources will be added. We intend these resources to be used to plan, deliver and evaluate programs to advance social justice. If you have resources to suggest to add to this page, please email us at

Community Foundation is also skilled at using these resources to provide advice to donors and professional advisors to help with gift planning.

The Road to Achieving Equity: Findings and Lessons From a Field Scan of Foundations That Are Embracing Equity as a Primary Focus

10 Ways to Practice Institutional Racism at Your Nonprofit Organization

Ignite the Power of Your Philanthropy for Equity and Justice

Community Foundation offers these data as examples and resources for your planning purposes. We do not vet these resources and acknowledge that imperfections and incompleteness exist. Please contact us with additional resources by emailing us at

Resource Source Publication Date
Overview of Housing Issues in Tompkins County Ed Marx, Tompkins County Commissioner of Planning September 2016
Oregon Community Foundation – Can it Build a Statewide Legacy of Equity and Inclusion?

New York Community Trust – How Can This Equity Funder Rally Donors and Deepen Grassroots Engagement to Further its Impact?

Philamplify June 2016
Social Justice Philanthropy: The Latest Trend or a Lasting Lens for Grantmaking? National Committee for Responsible Philanthropy May 2005
Social Justice Grantmaking II Highlights Foundation Center 2009
Ninth Annual Equity Report Card Ithaca City School District February 2015


Subject Area
Performance and Participation
Educational Attainment in Tompkins County US Census 2010
School Enrollment in Tompkins County US Census 2010
Advance Placement, Class Levels, “Tracking”
Graduation Rates
Drop Out Rates
Post-Graduation Disposition
Median Earnings by Educational Attainment in Tompkins County US Census 2010
Extra-Curricular Participation
Incarceration, state supervision
Annual Estimates of Population in Tompkins County US Census 2010
Households and Families in Tompkins County US Census 2010
Race in Tompkins County US Census 2010
Economic Security
Children Characteristics in Tompkins County American Community Survey 2014
People at Specified Levels of Poverty in Tompkins County American Community Survey 2014
Poverty Status in Tompkins County American Community Survey 2014
Demographic & Housing Estimates American Community Survey 2014
General Population and Housing Characteristics US Census 2010
Housing and Population Density in Tompkins County US Census 2010
Physical and Emotional Health
Substance abuse
Nutrition, access to healthy food
Recreation, leisure
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