September 28, 2023    5:30PM - 8:00PM   

2023 Heritage Awareness & Celebration of Hispanic, Indigenous, & Latino Culture

Henry St. John Gym
301 S. Geneva St.
Ithaca, NY 14850

Knowledge is power!

Here at the Community Foundation of Tompkins County, every staff, board, and committee member feels strongly that it is important to share each of our own unique heritages and the rich diversity of our lived experiences to create communities of equity in order for all of us to be able to thrive.

As a Latina who also serves as part of the Community Foundation of Tompkins County, it is important to me that my community can share our knowledge and dreams with other communities in Tompkins County, as well as have access to the opportunities to make those dreams into reality.” ~Madeline Rosas

Come learn about and celebrate Hispanic, Indigenous, and Latino culture at the 2023 Heritage Awareness & Celebration event, where we will be sharing valuable information about local organizations involved in these communities and ways to support them.

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