December 10th, 2015

Celebrating 15 Years of Philanthropic Excellence with a Community Foundation Video

Community Foundation 15th Anniversary Video

We have commissioned a short video which we encourage you to view and to share with others. In it, three donors, two professional advisors, and two grantees share their experiences with the Community Foundation.

You will hear your neighbors and friends speak of the desire to share a family’s unique philanthropic values, the variety of favorite organizations to support, the power of careful planning and the healing approach of memorializing a dear family member.

You will learn of the diversity of Community Foundation grants and the potential for everyone who lives in, works in or loves Tompkins County to participate in the joy of making voluntary contribution of talent, treasure and time to make our marvelous home even better.

Thank you for making our first 15 years of achievements, $13 million in assets, and 2,200 grants of more than $8 million, possible.