August 22nd, 2016

Park Foundation and Community Foundation Partner to Advance Social Justice Philanthropy

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Park Foundation ‘s Community Needs program concentrates on opportunities for low-income residents of Tompkins County. An important value of the Park Foundation is equity. The Park Foundation places a strong emphasis on equity in human service grants and efforts which lead to good outcomes for all.

Thanks to a Park Foundation grant, Community Foundation now hosts social justice philanthropy resources on our website for use by both grant seekers and donors.

Community Foundation brings the powers and abilities of a public charity to the work of social justice philanthropy. We engage in philanthropy education programs, we increase resources encouraging contributions from donors, and we provide a home for data needed for social justice grant seekers.

As a public charity, we can raise the level of awareness in the general public, as well as in our donor base, for the need for and the powerful effectiveness of this type of grant making.

Please visit the Community Foundation Social Justice field of interest fund dedicated to this type of grant making. As well, a number of our donor advisors make notable grants in this area to local organizations.