March 14th, 2023

Women’s Fund Celebrates Women’s History Month

In March we celebrate Women’s History Month. It is a time to highlight the sacrifices, contributions, and achievements of women. We remember the glass-ceiling shattering suffragists, visionaries, and trailblazing women who have fought for equality on behalf of women today, and women of the future. We encourage you to join us in commemorating and encouraging the study and celebration of the vital role of women in American history. It doesn’t matter how you celebrate…you can be a high-key ‘Protest Practicing’ activist, a charitable gift donor, or just out looking for ideas…do something to acknowledge, honor, and celebrate the efforts and progress of women.

This year, International Women’s Day fell on March 8; the day aims to draw attention to women’s achievements and the fight for gender equality. In celebration of International Women’s Day, the Women’s Fund committee held an educational event with Ithaca College’s Dr. Susan Salahshor. Dr. Salahshor, founding Program Director for Ithaca College’s Physician Assistant Program, discussed local and global healthcare inequities that impact our lives right here in Tompkins County. She engaged guests in a conversation around galvanizing advocacy for women moving forward from the program. She spoke as a healthcare professional, a Jamaican woman, a mother, a daughter, and as a woman married to a Puerto Rican man. She shared her personal experiences with healthcare as a child in another country and how it helped shape her decisions now. As a women, she looks for women providers in every aspect of her care, “I need someone who understands my lived experience”. Guests reflected on their personal experiences with inequities in their care and it sparked engaging dialogue among our guests. One key takeaway from Dr. Salahshor is “Don’t take any crap from anyone else.” View the recording HERE.

Take a moment to do something special to bring hope, highlight progress, and inspire others to learn and do more in their efforts to push hard for gender quality. Here are some ideas for how to honor the progress the women’s rights movement has made and how to support the goals of the movement today.

Consider making a charitable gift on behalf of the special women in your life or to honor those who came before us, HERE.
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Women’s History Month Activities For Work

Book Club of Woman Authors.
Eat or shop at women-owned businesses in your community.
Profile a Women’s History-themed podcast.
Plan an office event to give back to your community.
Give To Charity / Contribute to a Woman Philanthropy.