July 31st, 2023

Donor Doubles Community Foundation’s Operating Endowment, Pledging $500,000

In a groundbreaking development, the Community Foundation of Tompkins County is thrilled to announce that a generous donor has pledged a transformative gift of $500,000. This remarkable contribution will not only bolster Community Foundation’s operating endowment but also propel the foundation’s mission to new heights. Once this gift is received, the foundation’s operating endowment will soar and more than double its current value.

The significance of this donation cannot be overstated. When Community Foundation was established 23 years ago, it did not receive an originating gift, which is often customary for most community foundations. Nancy Massicci, Chief Development Officer of Community Foundation of Tompkins County, expressed her profound gratitude for the donor who wishes to be anonymous, stating, “This is historic. Our donor’s unprecedented generosity to support our everyday needs gives us a remarkable opportunity to build and implement our strategic vision, thereby fostering a more equitable Tompkins County.”

Community Foundation, a regional nonprofit organization, plays a pivotal role in supporting and strengthening the local community. With a steadfast commitment to improving the lives of residents, the foundation tirelessly collaborates with donors, nonprofits, and community partners to address critical needs. By focusing on key areas such as education, health and human services, arts and culture, community building, economic development, and the environment, Community Foundation acts as a catalyst for positive change.

Operating without state or federal funding, Community Foundation relies heavily on the generous support of donors. Each year, the foundation faces the daunting task of raising 65% or more of its operating support independently. The recent pledge of $500,000 helps assure the sustainability and continued success of Community Foundation, allowing it to expand its programs and initiatives that make a tangible impact on Tompkins County, such as addressing emerging concerns and critical, unresolved problems identified by the community. CEO, George Ferrari says, “We are continually building the operating endowment and are welcoming of gifts of any size.”

For more information, please contact Nancy Massicci, Chief Development Officer, at 607-272-9333 or via email at Further details about the Community Foundation of Tompkins County and its ongoing efforts or to make a gift can be found on their website at

About Community Foundation of Tompkins County: The Community Foundation of Tompkins County is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Tompkins County, New York. By partnering with donors and community members, the foundation invests in initiatives that address critical needs and promote social change. With a focus on every sector, Community Foundation strives to build a more equitable and vibrant community for all.