July 1st, 2023

Grant Reports for Fall 2022 Grants are Due August 9

Were you awarded a grant during our 2022 Fall Grant Cycle? 

If you were granted an award during our 2022 Fall Grant Cycle, you have a grant report that is due on August 9 by 5 PM. This report is only for those who completed the application and review process, not for off-cycle donor-advised fund grants.

Reports are an important part of the grantmaking process. Grant reports are a great opportunity to showcase the strengths of your organization. Additionally, the process of completing grant reports will help you develop a narrative as well as outcome data that can add value to future documents such as annual reports, newsletters, and future grant applications.

Results and impact will be a combination of quantitative and qualitative data. While we appreciate seeing numbers, we also want to see the bigger picture of the impact, we are interested in your stories. Your grant report should show successes, but it is also important to share information about what may not have worked, this demonstrates the ability of your organization to learn from mistakes and your interest in overall growth. We understand that projects don’t always work out exactly as planned and this is one of the reasons why we shifted to Trust-Based Philanthropy with unrestricted funding.

You can access the grant report >>HERE<< or by scanning the QR Code below.