September 22nd, 2023

Site Visit with The Learning Farm

I was welcomed by a sea of beautiful smiling faces kissed by the sun. First thing in the morning, the children attend morning circle. Led by Christa, the children are reminded how to treat each other and how to treat the farm. They are taught to act with love and kindness and to embrace each other’s uniqueness. There was a sense of calm among the circle. As they moved into snack, I was introduced to two beautiful white bunnies by a little girl no older than 4. It was an enchanted start to a wonderful site visit.

The Learning Farm is black-owned, woman-owned, and founders have African American and Indigenous farming histories. The Farm’s mission is to give children the various tools, support, motivation and rewards necessary to become responsible, knowledgeable and caring citizens. They do this through fostering a better understanding of where food comes from through connecting kids to their rightful place in the production, distribution and consumption of sustainably-farmed and fished, locally-produced food. The Farm wants them to grow, harvest, cook, and share the great bounty of what grows abundantly nearby to where they live and to do so in a mindful and caring way.

As I made my way through the farm, I noticed small groups tending to the land, watering plants, feeding the goats, etc. The Learning Farm is a place where children can immerse themselves in the study of living things, agriculture, and food, as well as have opportunity to brainstorm and discuss practical solutions to the challenges facing the planet with regard to how we grow food. The children were engaged in the learning experience and connected to the farm. I tagged along with a group doing chores around the farm and I made friends with an alpaca!

Wonderful things are happening at the Farm! A trip to the farm will reveal the genuine effort required in food production. It’s important to recognize that our food doesn’t simply materialize; rather, it demands substantial labor and love. This work is carried out by real individuals, like our friends at The Learning Farm. The fruits and nutritious vegetables that nourish our bodies involve planting, upkeep, and harvesting efforts. Did you know you can visit the farm anytime? Click HERE to book your visit. Click HERE to attend our next site visit!