Donor Stories

Please enjoy three donor stories below. Donors who willingly share with us how they achieved their philanthropic goals. Each individual donor receives our full gratitude and deep appreciation. Thank you to our philanthropic partners!

Learning about community needs

Making Dreams Come True

Learning about community needs

Community Foundation helps individuals, families, businesses, and organizations give back to their communities in active and informed ways  

Since 2003, Sandy and Jay True have had a donor advised fund at Community Foundation, which allows them to respond directly to funding requests submitted by local nonprofits.  One of these requests, received from Loaves & Fishes, was seeking money to buy ceiling fans for the comfort and health of their guests. Loaves & Fishes did not ask for air-conditioning because they thought it was cost-prohibitive.   

Sandy and her husband Jay, owner of True Insurance, however, decided to contact Loaves & Fishes to explore the possibility of going a step further to assure a more comfortable environment for patrons and volunteers “There are a lot of people in Ithaca who are very philanthropic, if they hear the story and hear the need. We thought, ‘What if we look at air-conditioning and fans?’” Sandy said. “And that started the ball rolling.”  Rev. Christina Culver, Executive Director of Loaves & Fishes expresses gratitude to the Trues and additional donors for funding the $30,000 project andmaking our 36-year dream to cool the dining hall and kitchen come true.”     

supporting our very special community

Giving and Gratitude Go Hand-in-Hand

supporting our very special community


Noah, Zach and Hannah Feldshuh and their parents Martha Frommelt and David Feldshuh are deeply grateful to the many Tompkins County teachers, coaches and mentors that have positively influenced their lives.  The Noah, Zach and Hannah Feldshuh Fund is the family’s way to say, “thank you,” by supporting our very special community.  

“Giving and gratitude go hand-in-hand.  Creating a family fund enables us to express our gratitude to the community that supports us.”   Hannah Feldshuh

“So much is dependent on the situation one is born into and other uncontrollable circumstances.  I’m honored and extremely grateful to join my family in creating this fund.  I sincerely hope that this fund enables recipients to enjoy more moments of love and happiness in the way that our family’s togetherness provides me.”  Zach Feldshuh 

“I am honored to share the namesake of this charitable fund with my beloved brother and sister.  I would also like to convey my deepest gratitude to my parents without whom this would not be possible.  Although in most instances philanthropy has the outward appearance of a selfless act, for me it is quite the contrary.  Helping others and empathetic engagement is something that is fundamental to my mental health.  So, it is with the utmost appreciation, pride and excitement that I anticipate the future of this fund and the benefits it will create.”  Noah Feldshuh

For more information on giving opportunities, please contact Nancy Massicci, Chief Development Officer, or 607-272-9333, ext. 205.

giving time, talent, treasure and voice

Empowering Community

giving time, talent, treasure and voice

Aisha Jasper, Community Development Liaison, VISIONS Federal Credit Union, shares, “For the past year, I have served as a community volunteer on the Philanthropic Services Committee.

Being involved with philanthropy is an opportunity on every level. An opportunity to not only do a civic duty, but also to represent the people in our respective communities. For me, this particularly resonates as an African American woman and the platform I have been given to voice experiences of my community and shape them into actionable change. A tall order to fill, but a challenge I embrace.

What began as a chance to learn more about Tompkins County, has now evolved into an opportunity to participate and be amongst those addressing the community’s most pressing needs.

I have been met with open arms by everyone at Community Foundation. I enjoy most hearing about the programmatic ideas that committee members feel would bring value to our mission. It’s no surprise that a room full of diverse minds has a room full of ideas for how to creatively make that happen!

I highly regard the Community Foundation for that very reason – there is no sense of “us” giving money to “them”. Instead, it is quite easy to see that the team is dedicated to empowering community members like me to have a seat at the decision-making table, and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Hear more from Aisha: Video Link



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