Lenore Coral Fund

A bequest by Lenore Coral, a Cornell music librarian, established this fund through her will to support the International Repertory of Music Literature, an organization that archives literature and publications on music throughout the world.

Making music across the decades

Continuing influence –  Lenore’s contributions to the fields of library science and musicology continue.  It has been more than a decade since her passing, yet year after year, the Lenore Coral Fund grants annual operating support to the US office of RILM, an organization committed to music scholarship across all disciplinary and cultural boundaries.

Working with other community-minded individuals, Community Foundation has also seen this commitment to building permanent resources for important causes or interests in our community expand.  Over the past decade, Community Foundation has granted more than $1.1 million from endowed funds, providing stabilizing, regular support for many local agencies in our communities.


Building a strong foundation:

Established almost a dozen years ago, with about a half a million dollars, this endowment fund has weathered some of the most tumultuous times in the financial markets, including the ’08 market drop, global crises in national economies, and the uncertainty of our current political changes.  This fund continued making annual grants and adding earnings to the balance of the fund.  Growing the fund balance to reach more than eight hundred thousand, while continuing to make annual grants totaling more than a quarter of a million dollars over the course of the past decade.

Leaving a legacy:

In one’s estate planning, whether through a will, bequest, or naming of beneficiaries on retirement plans, an individual is able to not only continue to fuel the causes one cares about, but allow for expanding reach, as an endowment may provide, not only regular grants, but also the opportunity for growth and expansion of connections within Community Foundation networks. Professional advisor resources link


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