Door Opener Society

The Door Opener Society recognizes professional advisors whose contributions to philanthropic estate planning have been significant, substantial and long-standing. Eligible inductees are attorneys, accountants, financial planners, trust officers, brokers, or insurance agents who encourage their clients to consider charitable giving to the Community Foundation.

Beginning in 2020, professional advisors who are outstanding partners with the Community Foundation in the promotion of philanthropy in our region will be recognized with our Door Opener Society award.

Inductees into the Door Opener Society provide a valuable service to their clients and to the people of Tompkins County. Every new gift, fund and bequest provides much-needed philanthropic resources in Tompkins County. All who inform us of their plans become members of our Legacy Society either publicly or anonymously.

Many professional advisors work with the Community Foundation to help clients achieve their charitable goals through an outright gift, giving to or creating a fund or bequest. Thank you to all who design, craft and customize their financial objectives to include charitable giving.

Door Opener Society Members

Door Opener Inaugural inductees

2020 – John Hinchcliff, Kim Rothman, and William Currie (above)

2021 – George Ferarri, staff, with Mariette Geldenhuys (above)

2021 – Nancy Massicci, staff, with Anna Holmberg (above)

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